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Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc., headquartered in Markham, ON, is a Canadian affiliate of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc.  Astellas is dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. In Canada, Astellas has an intense commercial focus on four therapeutic areas – Urology, Immunology, Infectious Disease and Oncology.


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ADVAGRAF (tacrolimus)

ADVAGRAF is indicated for the prophylaxis of organ rejection in adult patients reciving allogeneic kidney and liver transplant and in adult kidney and liver transplant patients converting from twice-daily PROGRAF. Available in extended-release capsules in 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 3 mg and 5 mg formulations.


MYRBETRIQ (mirabegron)

MYRBETRIQ (mirabegron) is indicated for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB) with symptoms of urgency, urgency incontinence and urinary infrequency. It is an oral, extended-release tablet, available in 25 mg and 50 mg. For more information, visit:


PROGRAF (tacrolimus)

PROGRAF (tacrolimus) is indicated for the prophylaxis of organ rejection in patients recieving allogeneic liver, kidney or heart transplants and the treatment of refractory rejection in patients recieving allogeneic liver or kidney transplants. Available as tacrolimus for injection (5 mg/mL) and as immediate release capsules USP 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 5 mg.

Debbie's Story

As we get older, all kinds of things happen to our bodies. But one of the great victories of modern medicine is that we don’t have to accept these changes as simply inevitable. For Debbie of Toronto, one of those changes was an overactive bladder.

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