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1310 Nobel, Boucherville, Qc, Canada, J4B 5H3Mike Gershman, Territory Manager – Manitoba204-333-2626

JAMP Pharma is a private Canadian company located in Boucherville, Qc. In addition to its signature products, the JAMP Pharma Group owns the natural health products Wampole, Laboratoire Suisse, the beauty & body care products Cosmetic Import and the prescription products Orimed Pharma. 

In the recent years, JAMP has experienced a phenomenal growth and its wide portfolio has enabled it to become one of the leading supplier in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has distinguished itself by relying on the following elements:

• An unparalleled sales force in the Canadian generic industry

• More than 270 molecules available

• A strong supply chain

• Continuous development of new products

Speaking of which, an exclusive partnership with Alvotech now empowers JAMP to become a major supplier in the Canadian biosimilar market, by supplying and commercializing leading biosimilar drugs. This agreement reaffirms our mission to improve access to affordable medicines for all Canadians.

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